Everyone wants to give the couple a gift that they will have and cherish forever. Imagine the actual broken glass from the wedding ceremony reconstructed inside a stunning crystal-clear solid perspex cubical ornament or beautifully laid out surrounding your actual wedding invitation for you to keep forever or to give as a gift to the newlyweds.

Simply wrap your glass in a napkin, if possible placing it inside a satchel first. If you don't have a satchel, a simple napkin will suffice. Then after the breaking is complete, have someone place the item into a small bag, box or tupperware container so that nobody gets hurt and none of the glass is lost. After the wedding, place your order online via our paypal processing system and we will send you a confirmation email with your reference number. Then send your glass in to be processed along with a copy of the confirmation email we will send you and we will tastefully arrange your glass into a stunningly brilliant timeless piece of art that has grace and meaning and return it to you via express post shipping with signed delivery as fast as we can.

While some weddings use a light bulb (because they are easily broken and are less expensive), most would use a basic clear wine glass or a tumbler. Although these are beautiful options, it can also be interesting to use either a colored or ornately decorated glass which will naturally have a much stronger effect on the final arrangement. Certain colors and patterns may experience gentle fading in the process so stronger colors are more desirable if you are going for this look.

Each wedding glass reconstruction and Invitation is painstakingly hand-cast by skilled artists who embed each shard of glass and then carefully encase your keepsake to make it last a lifetime.

Don't have your glass? Not even Jewish? Send your wedding invitation instead!

We can also custom-embed your "memorabilia" such as photos, coins, your baby's 1st pair of shoes or even your 1st cell phone! Makes a great desktop paperweight gift for yourself or others. Call or email us to find out how!

Before you send your broken glass or other items to us, please be sure to first place your order online. We will then email you with instructions and a reference number to include with your glass. 

Just Make Sure You Keep The Glass!

"I'm amazed this is even possible.
I now have this memory from my wedding to keep forever.
It's simply stunning!"

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